Becoming a Benedictine Sister of St. Paul's Monastery


"Let us set out on our way with the Gospel as our guide."

(Prologue of the Rule of St. Benedict)

What is uniquely Benedictine?

Benedictines follow The Rule of St. Benedict. Monastic profession includes vows of obedience, stability, and conversion of life. These vows include celibacy and simplicity of life.

We live under the leadership of a Prioress, in a community with mutual listening, respect and understanding for one another. We are part of a worldwide community of Benedictines with a1500 year old tradition.


Vocation Brochure


What does our life look like?

Our rhythm of life “Ora et Labora” (work and prayer) balances work/ministry, prayer, learning and leisure. While it takes shape differently for each Sister, common practices include:

            (call 651-77-818 to verify times)

Lectio Divina (sacred reading)

personal prayer

shared recreation

meals together


responsibilities inside and outside
of the monastery



   More about a few members of St. Paul's Monastery




Sister Story

The Sisters have shared their stories and insights with Sister Story. Sister Story is a national campaign aimed at broadening awareness of Catholic sisters.

To watch Sister Laverne Hudalla click here.

To watch Sister Marie Fujan click here.

To watch Sister Virginia Matter click here.

To watch Sister Louise Inhofer click here.



The Ministry of St. Paul's Monastery

It is through the guidance of the Gospel and the Rule of St. Benedict that we offer hospitality and respond to the needs around us through our ministries.

We work in spirituality, education, pastoral care, health and child care as well as other areas of need among God's people today.


The Benedictine Center

A retreat center for women and men of all faiths located within the monastery.


Maple Tree Childcare Center

A child-care offering year round weekday programs for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.



Are you called to a life with us?

The Sisters welcome women who want to make a difference, who want to live with other vibrant women deeply committed to Christ, and who seek a balanced life of prayer, work, learning and leisure.

Vocation Brochure

After a period of getting acquainted with the sisters in this community, women who are discerning the monastic way of life will journey with the Vocation Director.

For more information or to schedule a visit

Sister Linda Soler, OSB, Vocation Director



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