Benedictine Associates

The Benedictine Way of Life

All baptized Christians are called to seek God and live according to Gospel values. For some, the call to discipleship is also accompanied by the desire to live the Benedictine way of life, following the Rule of St. Benedict. The Benedictine Sisters of St. Paul's Monastery invite women and men who are led to this way of life to share the monastic life as a Professed Member, Associate, Oblate, or Volunteer.

Benedictine Associates- Linda Anderson and Mary Lou Kozmik

Who are Benedictine Associates?
The Benedictine Associates are single Catholic women seeking God with the support of the monastic community while engaging in the ministries of St. Paul's Monastery.

Qualifications for a Benedictine Associate:

  • At least 22 years of age
  • Post-secondary experiences and financially stable
  • Desires a stable relationship with the community. 
  • A deep respect and basic knowledge for Benedictine spirituality
  • Desires a balance of prayer, minstry, and leisure
  • Open to seeking a spiritual companion


An Associate is willing to make an initial 1-year commitment to formation in Benedictine spirituality and community life and renews that commitment annually. Associates are responsible for their own personal expenses and health insurance and contribute their time and talent free of charge unless formally employed by the Monastery.

Associate Mission:

  • Embody the baptismal call to holiness
  • Engage in discernment, an orientation, and initial and ongoing formation of the whole person
  • Deepen one's relationship with God and God's people through the various ministries to the church and society
  • Participate faithfully in liturgical prayer, meetings, meals, and recreation
  • Practice care of each other
  • Discern, affirm, and validate one another's gifts

Associate Goals:

  • Sustain Benedictine values and the Associate mission
  • Be formed in Benedictine spirituality adapted for Associates
  • Share community and commitment with other Associates and the Sisters
  • Contribute to the mission and ministries of the Monastery

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 For more information contact Sister Agnes Trombley, OSB, 651.777.8181


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