What Do You Seek?

Are you called to make a difference?

You have many talents and many possibilities.

And yet, maybe God is not asking that you do anything, but that you give yourself to a life of service, for the sake of the world.

If you are seeking something more in your life, you may have a calling to monastic Life. The God you seek is also seeking you.

I am seeking...

Conversation with a Sister

Insights into the Spiritual Life (spiritual direction is offered at the monastery)

A spiritual retreat, seminar, quiet time, or prayer experience

To make a difference with my life

To begin the process of discerning a Religious Vocation


Are you seeking a deeper relationship with God?

Everyone is called by God to live a Christ-centered life. All life choices, marriage, the single life, religious life and holy orders, serve as a call to holiness and service to God’s People. The call to holiness, received at Baptism, is a universal call to a life long deepening of one’s relationship with God.

What are the signs of a monastic vocation?

  • desire to seek God
  • drawn to the Liturgy of the Hours (daily praying of Scriptures and Psalms in community) and The Rule of Benedict
  • wanting to live within a religious community and be of service in the Church
  • yearning to extend hospitality, to live simply, and to reverence silence
  • accepting diversity and enter into relationships with others
  • cultivating one's gifts and talents to grow into the person God is calling one to be
  • good health
  • openness to the experience of God’s mercy in one's life


How can you discern your vocation?



Prayer and Scripture
Cultivate a regular practice of personal prayer and reading of Scripture. Keep your heart open to hearing God's invitation as you pray. Join the monastic community for prayer and Eucharist at the Monastery. Call 651-777-8181 for the schedule.

(Community Prayer Schedule)

Write down your thoughts, desires, questions, and the fruits of your listening as you pray and read Scripture.

Spiritual Direction

Meet with a spiritual director to help you discern God's call.

Information/ Visit

Visit and get to know St. Paul's Monastery.

Consider how God may be calling you to share your gifts in service to others.

Shared Wisdom
Come and visit with a vocation director and share your thoughts and questions.

Online Resources:

Vocation Network



Summer Vocation Offering for Young Adults

Catholics on Call 2016 Young Adult Conference

Benedictine Experience -

Saturday- Monday, July 9-11, 2016

Registration Form

Register Online


Discernment Resources

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of the Catholic Spirit

For more information or to begin the conversation

Sr. Linda Soler, VocationDirector


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