Becoming an Oblate


St. Frances of Rome (1384-1440), Patron of Oblates.


All Walks of Life
People from all walks of life are searching for deeper meaning in their lives. The Benedictine way of life offers a structure that helps keep in focus what is important.

Admission to the Oblates begins with a desire for greater growth as a disciple of Christ and an appreciation for the 'way of life' described by St. Benedict in the Rule of St. Benedict, that guides and sustains one's efforts to live deeply as a disciple.

The Director of Oblates (651-777-8181) helps applicants think about whether this might be a spiritual path for them to follow.

A Year of Study and Reflection
Once accepted as a candidate, candidates enter into a year of study and reflection. At a ceremony known as Enrollment, Oblate candidates receive the Rule of St. Benedict from the Prioress of the monastic community. During the formation period, candidates explore the values and traditions of a Benedictine way of living and how the Rule of St. Benedict applies to daily life. Through prayer and practice, candidates discern whether this way of living is for them.

If candidates decide at the end of the year of formation that indeed they are prepared to live the Rule in an intentional way, they make a promise in a public ceremony to enter into a new relationship with the monastic community, finding ways to join in the prayer and work of the community.

On an on-going basis, Oblates meet the third Sunday of each month and participate in a day-long retreat annually.

The Sisters of St. Paul's Monastery support the Oblates with their prayers even as the Oblates support the Sisters in an equally prayerful manner.

2015-2016 Oblate Candidate Formation Schedule

August 27     Orientation Evening
  7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

September 9   Retreat Day
  9:00 am – 3:0 0pm

October 15     Oblate Candidate Enrollment at Evening Prayer
   6:30 pm (arrive at 6 pm)

November 19   Initial Formation of Candidates

  7:00 pm - 9 pm

December 17   Initial Formation of Candidates
  7:00 pm - 9 pm

February 18    Initial Formation of Candidates
  7:00 pm - 9 pm

March 17        Initial Formation of Oblate Candidates
7:00 pm - 9 pm

April 21          Initial Formation of Candidates
6:40pm - 9pm

April 29 - 30   Discernment Retreat for Oblate Candidates

Friday 4 pm - Saturday 3 pm

May 14           Final Oblation
7pm  (arrive at 6 pm)

For more information, contact:
Sister Mary Lou Dummer, Oblate Director
St. Paul's Monastery
2675 Benet Road
St. Paul, MN 55109-4808
651-777-8181 ext. 151


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