The Benedictine Way of Life



A Benedictine Way of Life for All People
The wisdom and practice of the Benedictine way of life has significant application for persons in whatever life vocation God calls them. For this very reason, St. Paul's Monastery invites people to form a relationship with the monastic community as a way to incorporate Benedictine wisdom and values into their lives and careers in the world. People who do this are called Oblates.

The word 'oblate' means offering. We use it to identify those who offer themselves to God in association with a monastic community. Oblates experience God's call to embrace a personal rule of life that guides them in the particular circumstances of their lives. As an Oblate, a person develops a secular life rich in Benedictine joy and encouragement supported by prayer, reflective reading and a new attitude toward one's work.

The Rule of St. Benedict serves as an invitation to open our hearts to God. It summons us to recognize our responsibility in the world and the proper use of resources. Above all, the Rule reminds us of the fundamental value of living our lives in search and service of God, preferring nothing to the love of Christ.

The History of the Oblates of St. Benedict

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Pray with the Sisters

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