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from the current exhibit  "With Joyful Hope: The Art of Mia Eckes and Lisa Bierer" 
open 9a-6p daily through Aug. 15, 2017
Jul. 4-24, 2017
Words to the Wise
To be human is to live by sunlight and moonlight, with anxiety and delight, admitting limits and transcending them, falling down and rising up.  
To want a life with only half of these things in it is to want half a life, shutting the other half away where it will not interfere with one's bright fantasies of the way things ought to be.  
Barbara Brown Taylor, Learning to Walk in the Dark
Coming Up . . .
First Friday Prayer Vigil
First Fridays 7p
Karin Barrett, musician and liturgist for the monastery was convinced of the need to assemble to pray for the concerns of our time. "We want to extend a wide invitation and create a welcoming environment for people to come to pray what is on their hearts." No registration necessary. Walk-ins welcome.
Condensed School of Lectio Divina
Fri., Jul. 14, 7p thru Sun., Jul. 16, 1p
Sam Rahberg and staff
$100 commuters, $150 shared lodging, $200 single

Sustained Lectio Divina, a dialogue with God through the text over time, is at the heart of the School of Lectio Divina. This opportunity adapts the Benedictine Center's keystone experience retreat into a shorter, less-expensive format. The core teachings and the monastic experience remains intact. Sam Rahberg, in cooperation with S. Carol Rennie OSB and S. Virginia Matter OSB, leads five teaching sessions that distill the essentials of sustained lectio divina, making this an excellent introduction to the practice or a good review for past participants in the School of Lectio Divina. Maximum 20 participants as room arrangements allow. Register online.
photo by John Doman
The Monastic Kitchen: Making Food for the Body and Soul
Fri., Aug. 4, 7p thru Sun., Aug. 6, 1p
Victoria FritzKapps
$150 includes lodging and meals

After "It's so peaceful here," the most common compliments at St. Paul's Monastery relate to the fine food. Guests notice that an excellent meal affects the quality of their experience not only through nutrition and flavor, but in the way it helps them understand Benedictine values in a practical way. In this unique retreat, a maximum of 12 participants are invited to join the Monastery Chef for a weekend of praying together, cooking, and reflecting on how best to infuse the daily aspects of preparing a meal that nourishes body and soul. Register online.
Centering Prayer and Lectio Divina Retreat
Fri., Aug. 11, 7p thru Wed., Aug. 16, 1p
S. Virginia Matter OSB
$375 includes lodging and meals
$150 thru Sunday only
Experience a time of profound silence and praying the Scriptures as you enter into deeper relationship with God and self. Blends a rhythm of centering prayer, lectio divina, and prayer with the monastic community. Register online.
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open 9a-6p daily thru Aug. 15

This mother-daughter collaboration colorfully articulates joy and hopefulness in a vibrant display of fiber art and paintings. The collaboration emerged from a desire to counter negative current events with words and images of truth, peace, hope, and joy. While we will encounter trials, we are always encouraged to "wait in joyful hope".

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Recommended Reading
The Gospel of John in Poem and Image

A collection of fifty-six reader's poems, combined with twenty-six original pieces of art printed in full color. Available online.
Margin Notes
Poems of the ongoing puzzlement over navigating the waters of daily life. Available online
Enduring Ministry: Toward a Lifetime of Christian Discipleship
Supporting and empowering women and men for lasting and effective Christian leadership. Available online.
The Way Forward:
A Collection of Benedictine Inspirations
Timeless meditations connecting Benedictine wisdom to everyday life. Available in print and digital editions.
Lamentation of
the Written Word
Reposition the dark periods of writing as moments to reclaim why it is important. Available online.
Illuminating Ministry
A Journal, Vol. III
An opportunity for church leaders to join in prayer and reflection with The Saint John's Bible. Available online.
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